Ovarian Cyst Treatment and Removal in Singapore

Get the help you need to live the active life you want. Many women develop ovarian cysts at some point in their life, and in some cases this can affect their ability to lead a normal life. These fluid-filled sacs are found in a woman’s ovaries, and can contain semisolid substances.

Often associated with abdominal pain, the majority of cases are asymptomatic and can go unnoticed. If you experience pain, your doctor will use an ultrasound scan to examine the area. Abdominal pain normally results from a rupture of the cyst or ovarian torsion – twisting of the ovaries – relating to the cyst.  At times, the pain can be excruciating.

At Motoko Clinic, we provide advice and intervention for women with ovarian cysts. Our treatment and removal will have you taken care of in no time.

What treatment is available for ovarian cysts and when is it required?

If the pain continues or the cyst continues to grow, further treatment may be required. This can take the form of a pain reliever to suppress abdominal pain or surgical intervention. Surgical intervention either involves minimally-invasive laparoscopic surgery (keyhole surgery), but in some circumstances where the cysts is large, laparotomic procedures may be required. In situations, where the cyst has a low risk of recurrence, it will be drained rather than completely removed, though this is also an option.

Treatment provided by a leading medical professional

Dr Motoko Yeo has extensive experience in the treatment of obstetrical and gynaecological issues and has been practicing in the field for nearly three decades. The only female Mandarin, English and Japanese speaking doctor accredited by Singapore’s Ministry of Health, she is able to consult on a wide range of conditions and can answer questions relating to fertility, women’s health and specific illnesses.

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