Singapore-Based General Health Consultation and Pap Smears

No matter what stage of life a woman is at, it is crucial that she receive regular health screenings to detect any issues as early as possible. Early detection means a greater chance of a full recovery, which means you can keep doing all the things you love. 

At Motoko Clinic, we encourage our patients to undergo regular check-ups to ensure that they are still in the best possible health, so they can keep leading the richest, most fulfilling version of their life possible.

Regular pap smear screening is the best defence against cervical cancer

We recommend that any sexually active woman over the age of 25 should undergo a pap smear at a minimum of every three years. In the event that a screening comes back with irregular results, our clinic can perform a colposcopy for a closer examination. This procedure takes between 10 and 20 minutes and involves the doctor examining your cervix for suspicious areas. If a suspicious area is found, a biopsy sample will be taken and analysed.

All health screenings performed by an experienced professional

All women are seen by Dr Motoko Yeo, catering to English, Japanese and Mandarin-speakers. Dr Yeo has decades of experience in the fields of obstetrics and gynaecology, and her compassionate and patient manner helps patients to better understand their own health.

Dr Yeo is able to assist patients with a range of issues including the diagnosis and treatment of ovarian cysts. For women expecting or trying for a child, Dr Yeo can provide advice and answer questions during this stressful period.

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