The Procedure for a Colposcopy at Our Singapore Clinic

In the event of an irregular result from a pap smear, a colposcopy will be recommended by our doctor. During this procedure, your uterine cervix and the area around your vulva will be magnified and illuminated, to examine for abnormal appearing tissue. A biopsy sample of any suspicious areas will be taken and examined for any advanced warning signs of cervical cancer known as precancerous lesions.

This procedure is quick and simple, taking under 20 minutes at our clinic and without the use of anaesthetic.

Getting the results of your colposcopy

Your biopsy results will be analysed by a pathologist and the results returned to our doctor. In the event of an abnormal result, our doctor will discuss with you to develop a regimen and advise you accordingly how best to manage your health moving forward. Routine screening is always important.

A qualified doctor performing delivery, colposcopy and pap smear screening

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