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From the first stages of your pregnancy to childbirth and post-delivery care, our comprehensive range of tests, scans and treatments will ensure both mother and child are well looked after every step of the way, depending on their individual needs.

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Gynaecology is concerned with the health and welfare of the female reproductive system. Via preventative screenings, disease diagnoses and a variety of treatment options, we will address any issues that might be causing you discomfort in the affected areas.

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There are many reasons a couple could be infertile, and just as many ways the problem can be treated. Here at Motoko Clinic, we are on-hand to guide both partners through the various options available, and to find the best solution out there for them.


Women’s Clinic in Singapore

Assurance of comfort and care is bound to play an essential role when taking steps towards gynaecological health. Specialising in gynae health, Motoko Clinic offers personalised services for women who experience female health issues in Singapore. Every woman who walks through our doors will be personally overseen by gynaecologist Dr. Motoko Yeo, an expert with over two decades of experience in the O&G sector. For all women under her care, Dr. Yeo is committed to providing quality professional gynaecological services. You can trust that you will not only receive treatment for your feminine concerns at our women’s clinic, but also acquire reassuring support and ease of mind that you are under the care of a good female doctor in Singapore.


Personalised Gynaecologist Specialist Services

At our gynae health clinic for women, every patient can be rest assured that they will be held and guided through every stage of their reproductive and gynaecological concerns. Our female gynae will ensure that you are treated appropriately without having you feel self-conscious and uneasy. With cutting edge technology available in Singapore and a comprehensive range of tests, all patients’ health requirements will be managed at our fully equipped women’s clinic. As a specialist women’s medical centre, we have the expertise to provide professional care for women health concerns in areas of Obstetrics, Infertility, and Gynaecology.

Offering a range of vital screening tests such as pap smears, antenatal treatment solutions, as well as thorough infertility investigations for both male and female patients, one can rest assured that their overall health will be well-managed by our gynaecologist specialist in Singapore.

Most diagnostics and screenings are undertaken by Dr. Yeo at our women’s clinic. Any necessary surgeries will be performed at the Mount Elizabeth Hospital, one of Singapore’s largest and most accessible private hospitals.


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Dedicated to providing women with quality gynaecologist services of specialist treatments in Singapore, Motoko Clinic is conveniently located in the heart of the city at Orchard Road. If you have any queries concerning women’s health and the range of health care services offered, feel free to get in touch with our friendly staff at (65) 6838 5366. At Motoko, we understand the needs of women, so do not hesitate to book an appointment with us and entrust a good female doctor in Singapore, like Dr. Yeo.